Decline of America’s white population accelerating

I’m starting to think the younger White generation has gone completely Fem-Bot-Gamma-Male Fag.

The percentage of the U.S. population that is white has decreased from 79.6 percent in 1980 to 61.9 percent in 2014. The percentage of Latino-Americans has increased from 6.4 percent to 17.3 percent over the same time period, while both the African-American and Asian-American populations have grown, too.

And I don’t want to hear about the frikkin economy. My daughter has 3 boys and 1 girl. It’s tough some times, but she manages.



Oh! Right! And there is all that me-me-me shiny stuff too.

And then, unbelievably… you have these cuck-fucks:

But Adrienne was not murdered by an illegal immigrant, per se.

Stop at 1:25

I don’t know nothing about this video other than here it is. Muslims… Haitians… I don’t care. Even the Haitians are good for some tribal machete work. Meanwhile:

Droves of African Migrants in Mexico Awaiting U.S. Asylum Under Secret Pact

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