Saudis getting their asses handed to them

That other coalition war.

The cluster-fuck ensues. A lesson in good defense while being attacked. Run around with your head up your ass. Watch the 2:50 mark. WTF? Oh yoo-hoo, here we are… hit us again?

Houthis Penetrate 10kms Into Saudi Arabia, Obliterate KSA Tanks

As much as I detest State Dept/USNATO ISS and affiliates, I detest the Saudis as much.

Meanwhile, trust us…

And us…

And us too…

7-second video: US State Department bursts-out laughing at idea they communicate for ‘transparency and democracy.’ Top ten rogue-state US crimes proves our tragic-comedy will continue until public demand for arrests


Hillary Clinton Was a Director of Lafarge, a Company That Does Business with ISIS

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