Saudis getting their asses handed to them

That other coalition war.

The cluster-fuck ensues. A lesson in good defense while being attacked. Run around with your head up your ass. Watch the 2:50 mark. WTF? Oh yoo-hoo, here we are… hit us again?

Houthis Penetrate 10kms Into Saudi Arabia, Obliterate KSA Tanks

As much as I detest State Dept/USNATO ISS and affiliates, I detest the Saudis as much.

Meanwhile, trust us…

And us…

And us too…

7-second video: US State Department bursts-out laughing at idea they communicate for ‘transparency and democracy.’ Top ten rogue-state US crimes proves our tragic-comedy will continue until public demand for arrests


Hillary Clinton Was a Director of Lafarge, a Company That Does Business with ISIS

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2 Responses to Saudis getting their asses handed to them

  1. LadyRavenSDC says:

    7 second – “State Department Spokesperson Thinks The Idea They Are Transparent Is Laughable”
    You know how you use videos and photos etc over and over in your various posts to make points hit home – this piece of crap needs to go in your repertoire!
    The SOB thinks it funny that he and the other state pieces of crap are going to get up there and lie their butts off!
    I just want to know – are the gallows for these traitors EVER going to get built – and used!?!

    • Curtis says:

      Follow these people on Twitter. Better yet, create another Twitter profile and follow no-one but these people on that account. Don’t tweet them calling BS. When the truth hits home to many times, they’ll block you. Just follow them along… and you will learn their game.

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