What happened to the “freedom and democracy?” And the “Cakewalk”?


I just listened to Obama give Washington’s account of the situation with ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

In Obama’s account, Washington is defeating ISIL in Iraq, but Russia and Assad are defeating the Syrian people in Syria. Obama denounced Russia and the Syrian government—but not ISIL—as barbaric. The message was clear: Washington still intends to overthrow Assad and turn Syria into another Libya and another Iraq, formerly stable and prosperous countries where war now rages continually.

Behold, a Pale Horse and its Rider’s Name Was Death

Pat Buchanan rightly condemns the globalists for their foolish abuse of American power

Want to know who some of the dumbest people on this planet are? Americans.


Want to know who are some of the worst neo-con offenders in America? So-called “patriots”.

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