Companies and landlords are spying on Americans for DHS

DHS’s Hometown Security Initiative (HSI) encourages businesses to spy on Americans. DHS admits to working closely with the private sector.

HSI’s four parts Connect, Plan, Train, and Report are designed to encourage spying on Americans.

1. Connect: Reach out and develop relationships in the community, including local law enforcement. Invite local law enforcement to tour your business.

In other words, businesses and landlords have a close relationship with law enforcement.

Earlier this year, I warned everyone that Police are using homeowners associations, religious groups, property managers, businesses, schools, healthcare providers etc., to spy on Americans.

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In fact, you should go through the MassPrivateI blog for more government cares about you goodness.

And in related news…

DEA regularly mines Americans’ travel records to seize millions in cash

And in more related news…

THAT is the problem — not cops being shot and the potential outbreak of civil unrest

The hor-er-er-ers! Did he say that?


Pentagon, CIA Form Praetorian Guard for Clinton as Warmonger President

Ya know, for our freedumb!

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