Heroes in action!


3 hours LadyRaven’s Whisky In A Jar – OH!

Video finally surfaces –

The incident happened on June 30, 2015, when Cohen, 19, and her mother, Shirley, went through security at the Memphis airport. The women were traveling back to their Chattanooga home following treatment at the Memphis-based hospital.

Mother is trying to explain to the TSA and cops her daughters medical condition and confusion. Of course, they are not going to have any of that. If you are seeing the first frame of the video that I am seeing, I would have kicked this cop in the face if it were my daughter.

A man, after hearing mom explain her daughters medical condition and confusion, would have just sat down with the daughter and gently explain what was going on. Ya know… coach her. But fuck no. They have to DOMINATE THE HUMAN TERRAIN.

And did ya note the “good” cop jumping in and then corralling mom? Then they sit mom down and haul off her daughter like some common criminal. Fuck… you.

Note: They dropped the charges against this young lady that these pieces of crap threw at her. But it doesn’t matter, the damage has been done.

Good cops my ass.

Ya know, as much as I despise N. Korea, if they dropped a nuke on D.C. before TP’sTB knew it was coming, I’d be that American on the roof-top partying.

Well, I certainly hope all you “law and order” types get all the law and order they dish out. Because “law and order” to cops don’t mean what you think it means.

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