The connection between gender and glaciers

If you want to earn a degree at this citadel of idiocy, you must earn at least three credits in “Diversity” courses. You must also “support” each and every one of a long list of Academe’s favorite “groups,” from people who come here illegally, and even vote illegally, to men who say they’re women, women who say they’re men, and those who say they’re hamsters. Students are required to “support” all of them, if they want to graduate.

The function of our university system is to turn students into idle lackwits who can easily be ruled by villains, thieves, and ninnies. Terrified of saying, doing, or even thinking anything that might transgress against the dogma of Diversity, the college graduates, weighed down by ignorance and “knowledge” of things that aren’t so, will tamely go wherever their all-wise leaders choose to herd them. They will have learned to be incapable of any kind of opposition.

Nothing good can come of this; and nothing will

Your freedom. Your liberty. Is more than – don’t touch my shit. There is a REASON why the Jews of antiquity were told to – occupy – the – land. To take… possession of it.  To destroy the idols and temples of its former occupants. To destroy those who were a threat to their way of life.

But, but, but… I might not like… erp-a-derp… what you say, but… erp-a-derp… I’ll defend with my life… erp-a-derp… your right to say it… erp-a-derp. <—- Stoo-pids. And you wonder why we are, where we are? Because you have been to frikkin busy defending those priests who have been putting their idols and temples in your children’s heads. Self-defeating assholes compromising their freedom and liberty inch after inch.

But, but, but… they’re innocent! Innocent I tell you! We must suffer them… for… for… diversity! Yes! No! Wait! Yeah! For the… first amendment! As they destroy your first amendment. I’LL DEFEND WITH MY LIFE…!

You will learn. Who the innocents are… and are not. Or you will lose.

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