Folks, if you want to know where most of the rail movement of military hardware is going, it is going to Eastern/Western Europe. This meme doesn’t capture it all. But if you follow the right accounts… they pretty much advertise it. Most of these NATO exercises are nothing more than a front to stage/depot military hardware.

The staging/depot area’s are from Georgia (that is the country) all away around to Estonia.

The USNATO military exercises, by various names, are continual throughout Russia’s Eastern and South Eastern borders.

screenshot-twitter com 2016-08-30 22-12-46

screenshot-twitter com 2016-08-30 22-10-31

You won’t find this on the Lame Stream Media.

And the vast majority of AmeriKans are ignorant.

Which of course, Russia is now staging 50 miles from Alaska.

Poking the Bear.

As a side note, Ukraine is continually, in violation of the Minsk agreements, shelling civilians in the cities and towns of the DPR/Novorossiya/E. Ukraine.  Ukraine mechanized units are moving to the Dombas front-lines.

Lieutenant General Ben Hodges near the front-lines of Dombas…


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