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Sometimes, the best punishment, is the hot coal of love and mercy.


But Tampa cops believed Riggins was a menace to society and must be locked in a cage for possessing a plant. One deputy was so afraid of this unarmed pot smoker that he could do nothing but resort immediately to deadly force.

Protecting’ society from the dangers of two grams of a plant

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4 Responses to Mercy

  1. jay352 says:

    Is that kid in the background about to drink bleach?

    • Curtis says:

      What it looks like, is mom was in the middle of doing some cleaning. Notice the stove.

      I remember my mother doing that.

      I also remember sticking a pinto bean up my brothers nose. Well, remembered in my mother telling me I once put a pinto bean in my brothers nose. Way up his nose. Unfortunately, they didn’t have safety caps on pinto beans in those days.

      • jay352 says:

        Yeah, I had my kid pick something up while I was cooking. Just as I turned around he stuck it in his mouth. Damned near choked to death on it. Never did find out what it was.

        • Curtis says:

          My 2 year-old grandson is a little happy go lucky terror. His curiosity knows no bounds. I pretty much let him do what he is doing, to a limit. But once in awhile, he gets away. We can’t control everything, nor should we try… with exceptions. My safe room gets locked tight.

          Ha! My mom caught me sleep walking once when I was about 4. I walked into the kitchen, opened up the under-sink cabinet… and proceeded to pee! She didn’t wake me. Just gently coached me back to bed. Of course, she wasn’t too happy about it, but she knew.

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