Speaks for itself

Note the “little green men” in Crimea comment. There has ALWAYS been little green men in Crimea… since before America, was the united States of America. But see, Americans do not think. Hell, they don’t even have a reference point in the dark dank corners of their cranial space to cause the dim-bulb in their heads to even flicker.

So they just throw out “little green men” and it sticks as if Russia inserted “little green men” into Crimea like it was some kind of invasion.

You know why America is being lost? Because by and large, Americans are stoo-pid and some of the most brain-washed people on this planet.

Remember when the West had a stink-fest over… Pussy Riot? In fact, I remember many in the libertard movement taking on the Pussy Riot cause.

And… the U.S. has the highest rate of STDs of any nation in the industrialized world. 110 million total incidents (confirmed cases) of infection in 2008. Maybe those STD viruses have infected their brains.

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