No One Owes You A Thing

“Tactical Welfare” And The “Malice State”

By J.C. DodgeMax Velocity


There is no “liberty” movement.

Only a carousal of “individual” opinions, most of whom, couldn’t reason themselves out of wet rice paper.

I’ll give you a perfect example:

“Liberty? That comes from allowing the same for everyone else. Live. Let live. MYOB.”

Anyone care to take that to its real world, down to earth, LOGICAL conclusion?

Ya know, it’s a good thing our Founders didn’t talk hippy talk. And look what all that hippy happy talk has done to us. All those “patriot” clichés and memes.

Live and let live man!

You probably think I am talking about Dodge and Max?

Read the comments at all 3 sites.


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