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Add on. I had this, but couldn’t find it. So I found it. Here it is.


Now, just so you know, Russia is in the midst of doing their own combat exercise in Crimea (I believe it is 12,500 strong) on par (Amphibious, Air, Para, etc.)  with the USMC exercise in Ukraine. This isn’t because Russia just decided to flex its muscle, but in direct response to the above exercise.

This isn’t the one I was looking for, but it will do:


Quote from one Russian soldier, paraphrase: “NATO thinks it has Russia in a pit. In Russia, every pit is a fighting hole.”

Notable mention…


And remember, “Little Green Men” did not suddenly appear in Crimea. There have always been “Little Green Men” in Crimea since 1783. USNATO, Wolfowitz Doctrine, PNAC, Pentagons New Map, Globalists, and etc., etc., etc., want the Russians OUT of Crimea and the Black Sea.

And, if you can wrap this around your head, USNATO doesn’t want Iran, just because of Iran, they want Iran… because Caspian Sea. Now, you have probably heard the brouhaha about the Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania that Russia was imminently going to attack? And USNATO just finished off a major combat exercise there. I want you to think Kaliningrad.

There have never been US Troops in Ukraine, there are now US Troops in Ukraine and on the Donbas front lines. In RESPONSE, Russia has moved mechanized units on Russia/E. Ukraine border.

Folks, you are watching the Globalists On The Move.

By the way, Russia just moved tons of food and med supplies into Aleppo Syria. Anyone hear about that? No, of course not. Russia is the bad guy in Syria… while USNATO-StateDept “moderate” Islamic Jihad are the good guys.

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