MPAI’s in the libertard movement

Concerned American | September 14, 2016 at 21:40 |

I am not sure how widely distributed the info re spontaneous order is among the American populace.

They have been taught from an early age that there must be a boss for their lives and that they are not that boss.

Curtis | September 14, 2016 at 22:38 |

It’s not just Americans. It is historical in every culture. Generation, after generation. You found it in pre-colonial America. You found it when the European set foot on this continent. The loners were/are outliers, and rare, and ever rarer, is one who lived a long life.

Put 20 men and 20 women on a deserted island, watch what happens.

You can not escape the nature of mankind. You can only war against it. Because it is always at war with you.

MichiganderJim | September 15, 2016 at 00:36 |

Oh, here we go…the evil nature of man. But not you, right? It’s a 5,000 year-old snooker. Get over it and move on already.

So who did you wage war against today?

From: More On ‘The Flight 93 Election’ – In the comments.

First, note I am not arguing with CA. I am just pointing out an obvious fact.

This is why I typically refrain from leaving comments at other blogs. MPAI’s. MichiganderJim has actually displayed his stoo-pidity to deny the nature of mankind in full display throughout the histories of the history, of mankind. And then… tells me to get over it.

Obviously, MichiganderJim doesn’t read, much less read ancient, and current history. These are the people who think they are our future… because feelz, and emotion. Note that MichiganderJim made no attempt to prove me historically wrong. He just lashed out in a hissy-fit, because he doesn’t like the reality of what I said, and in some lame attempt to deny the validity of my historical context, pointed his fingers at me… which, proves, what?

I can picture MichiganderJim in his libertard moo-lisha outfit, sitting in a corner, all by himself, muttering… “No one is the boss of me. No one is the boss of me. No one is the…”

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