The Star-Spangled Scam

I do. I just LMAO at all the sheeple who have a fit over the Star Spangled Banner controversy.

OMG! OMG! OMG! He/she is not standing and singing like an automaton to the National Continuity of Government Security State! We better put up camera’s everywhere to weed out those traitors! Shame them and maybe hang a few!

Boy oh boy, look at all the emotional bug splatter on the windshield of America over the national anthem! Some people are not standing for the Star Spangled Banner! How dare they protest in a nation where that right is allegedly guaranteed and is supposedly celebrated in that song! “Land of the free…” Hmm…well, I suppose so as long as you practice being free according to the method you are told to use.

Oh, please, spare me the maudlin theatrics, will you?!

And, and, and… they fought and er died fer our da freedumb!

LMAO. Frikkin idol worshipers.

And when we are successful… and we will be.

And never forget, your children belong to the State. Now, prove me wrong.

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