More “The Better Good”

And now in the last refuge for privacy—one’s home—parents are being put through the grinder, their actions scrutinized and judged by government goon squads armed with outrageous, overreaching, egregious laws that subject families to the hyped-up, easily offended judgment of the Nanny State.

The latest slap in the face comes from the Arizona Supreme Court whose 3-2 ruling in Arizona v. Holle paves the way for parents to be charged as child molesters or sexual abusers for such innocent acts as changing their children’s diapers or taking baths with their kids.

I kid you not. This is really happening.

As Chief Justice Bales wrote in his dissent:

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2 Responses to More “The Better Good”

  1. gamegetterII says:

    Why would any court let this clearly unconstitutional travesty of a “law” stand?
    WTF is wrong with not only the judges, but the legislators who created this “law”?
    How is it a crime to change your own child’s diaper?
    The lack of common sense among thise who make and interpret “laws” like this is astounding.
    It also shows how far removed from the real world these morons are.

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