I was never so scared in my life as in that moment right then




I was never so scared in my life as in that moment right then.

Okay, the story on Terence Crutcher,  who police say was a dangerous and erratic “big bad dude”individual who posed a serious threat to the officers who encountered him.

At no time did he threaten the police.

He did not reach inside the window.

His SUV drivers window was up.


Screen shot from my youtube video.

The air video: It appears that he is reaching for the door handle, may have been locked, then reaches for his right pocket… or, he may have been tasered at that moment, rather than what they claim AT the moment he was shot. Because I AM TELLING YOU, at 22 seconds, his upper body flinches to the right at the waist, while his right and left leg partially buckles at the knee towards the left, while momentarily clutching his right upper arm to the side of his chest, he bends slightly forward, then he slightly pivots towards the cops. It’s one fluid motion while his left arm is up and leaning against the SUV. Note the cops stepping forward, tase, then step back at that moment. Then everything is obscured as the helo goes blind at the tree, reappears, then to the blind side of the SUV and he is shot and down.

They shot him 9 seconds after his hand went down.

Now, in the video, after they shot him, they do this pathetic tactical retreat. Then, they just mill around in indifference.

Video on the ground:

Video in the air:

She says: As she was looking inside the vehicle, she turned around and saw Crutcher approaching, Wood said, adding that she became concerned when Crutcher didn’t respond to her repeated commands and he put his hand in his pocket.

Be sure to note the very beginning of the air video…

I guess we are to assume at that point, before the helo taped, she walked all the way back from the SUV to around the back of her cruiser, got behind Terence and at some time before the vid rolls, pulled her gun because he was reaching in his pockets, but now that the vid rolls, he has his hands in the air walking to his SUV with she-cop behind him.

Shelby believed Crutcher was acting “strange,” as though he was under the influence of drugs.

Because… “It is very rare for the police to have someone at gunpoint and totally ignores them and not do what they are told to do,” Wood said. “She said the other day in her interview with homicide detectives, ‘I was never so scared in my life as in that moment right then.'”

Oh-oh… they found PCP in the SUV. They say. We know, that after they tore the car apart he didn’t have a gun. It was several hours later after she-cop claims she thought he was on PCP (which was never relayed or anyone else during the stop), that during her attorney’s press conference, that they then say they found a vial of PCP in the vehicle.

Doesn’t add up. I know I’ll be accused of second-guessing… and not waiting for the final po-lice report.

I don’t know why he didn’t comply with commands. Maybe something happened before any vids rolled. Maybe he was on drugs. Who knows. But I don’t see anything that justified this scared little she-cop girl shooting the man in the lung. Assuming the man went down instantly at the shot, that is a lot of blood that blew out on the window, side of the door panel, and on the ground.


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