“Shaking me to my very core.”

The fact is, you have elements in the US government and in US-NATO that would like nothing better than a war with Russia.

Just keep your eye on Syria and Ukraine.

Also Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.


First: Who are Syria’s “White Helmets”? Here and Here.

The Russian explanation, photographic evidence, and the intentional confusion that has come as a result of a propaganda push on the part of the Western media apparatus as well as the fact that the White Helmets, a notorious terrorist support group were first on the scene and that al-Nusra fighters were themselves launching an attack in the general area at the same time as the convoy was attacked, all point to the possibility that it was the terrorists who attacked the convoy and not a traditional state actor.

Western Media Blames Russia, Syria For Attack On UN Convoy; Video and Photos Tell Different Story

I’m going to laugh when the 2 allegiance neocon “patriots” are marching off to the speed bump, while their own country declares a National Emergency.




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