Keith Lamont Scott: Take it as you will…

I don’t see a gun anywhere. I’ve taken several still shots from the above videos, played magic with them, and nothing. I will admit they are heavily pixelated, so it’s hard to tell. I will say this though… that first video above has me concerned.

It appears, that MAYBE, he has an ankle holster. MAYBE. But, if he has a firearm down there, what is he suppose to do, reach down and “drop it”? If he had a firearm in his hand when he went down, it would be on the ground in the vicinity, or underneath him in his hand and pulled out when they handcuffed him, or underneath him when they rolled him and they would have pulled it out.

I don’t see a firearm.

Oh! Wait! A “gun”!


This doesn’t make any excuses for the riots.

And yes, I know all about the gloves. Where is the gun? Here is another bystander video:

The only thing I see here is a red shirted cop with a bad case of stiff left leg.

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