Think they’ll get life in prison?

Or the needle, which is what they really deserve?

His car is not even pointed in their direction.

What it does show is Few sitting in his car with both hands out the window as his car is angled perpendicular to the two Marksville City Marshals who pull up in their cars, step out and start shooting.

The incident took place November 3, 2015 after marshals Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. claimed they tried to pull Few over for an outstanding warrant.

But it turned out, there was never a warrant for Few’s arrest. Nor was there a gun in the car.

But his son was in the car, a 6-year-old boy named Jeremy Mardis who had been diagnosed with autism. He was shot five times.

WATCH: Louisiana Cops Shoot into Car, Killing 6-Year-Old Jeremy Mardis

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