Sitting On Moms Porch

I used to get on my Harley and ride down to grandma’s house. Sometimes, when I got there, she would be out for a walk to wherever, and I’d just kick back on her porch, and wait for her to return. Never had a problem.

Responding to a call of a possible burglary in progress, North Carolina police encountered a man sitting on the front porch of a home, who told them he lived in the house with his mother, only he did not have the key to get inside.

The two Greensboro cops asked Dejuan Yourse a series of questions, then checked out his identification, but were still not satisfied that he lived there.


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2 Responses to Sitting On Moms Porch

  1. Lynn Stokes says:

    I watched the videos and if the was a ever a reason to extremely pissed off, that was it. As a white dude I was pissed. It isn’t about any color, it is about abusive cops completely out of control. The dude was just sitting there and then, after many minutes of being interrogated, called a frined to come over and vouch for him. He should win his case and then press charges against those thugs and sue their asses. BLM has nothing on this.

    • Curtis says:

      Wasn’t that something? They just kept pushing to find something… anything. Then it came to… he was calling his friends to ambush the cops or something like that. The cops were not out to prevent trouble, they were LOOKING for trouble.

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