40 Million Russians Going To Bunkers During October 4th To October 7th Drills

What about your government? Has your government invested in creating bunkers for its American citizens? You may commence to LYAO now.

I did some checking around, used google translate, and it is all legit. Anyhow, while checking around, I came across a chat-room that grabbed this story, and started reading some of the comments to the story. So, I’ll say this, like I have never said it before: Americans are some of the dumbest, stoo-pidist, ignorant, mother-fuckers on this planet. I won’t go into all the dumb-ass comments but…

Comment 1: They have plenty of ICBMs and SLBMs.

Comment 2: Most of which are woefully out of date and/or in poor repair; and no, their SLBM program might as well be defunct with the recent failures. Nor do they have sufficient money to maintain a nuclear program in the long term.

That is just the icing. I’m not going to comment on this comment, other than to say: If you don’t know how this comment is so woefully out of touch, go look in the mirror and slap yourself silly. The more I blog, the more I read, including comments, the more I realize that there is absolutely no hope for the AmeriKan people and this country. None. Zero. And that includes not only the Clintonites, but also the Trumpites as well.

The vast majority of people in this country do not operate on reality anymore, but on emotion-feel-think.


Between October 4th and October 7th, a massive drill involving 40 million Russian people and about 200,000 professional rescue units will participate in a massive evacuation drill that will be going on all across the country. You can see their story translated at this Google Translator link. Every major Russian city will be involved in these drills.

While ‘evacuating’ 40 million people may only be a ‘drill’, we have to take a look at the massive amount of logistics involved to accomplish such maneuvers before we ask if this is really just a ‘drill’ afterall or something much, much more? – Here.

Follow the links at the source.

Update: I was just briefly reading another chat-room that happened to link to this story (from my blog). One person asked if there was another source to this story besides ANP. Folks… THE SOURCES… are the EMBEDDED links. Also, I realize ANP can sometimes get a little sensationalist in their stories, but I have found over the past couple of years, besides, or despite, their Christian bent sensationalism, to be on target. Beside, ANP is not the story.

As the man said… Think.

And think about that idiot John Kirby – State Department Threatens to Send Islamic Terrorists into Russia Really?

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16 Responses to 40 Million Russians Going To Bunkers During October 4th To October 7th Drills

  1. Phil says:

    They are going to have to kill us all, we are too fat and lazy to use for forced labor.

  2. James Ponder says:

    A lifetime ago, I was an OPFOR instructor in the Army and later in the active reserves (this was pre-9/11; I was out well before then). I had the usual basic Soviet OPFOR training for someone volunteering for and selected for this duty , then trained myself with the usual Army stuff, then got National Geographic maps, read books by Russian expats, read Jane’s Weapon Systems (about their missiles/subs/jets, not ours), met with experts of other disciplines. I soon realized this lower-tech nation was far ahead of us in kill capability, space medicine and space targeting (little projects like Soyuz and Mir).

    When giving an OPFOR briefing using DOD and other sources – unauthorized of course – I mentioned how much I admired our adversary’s space program, as they were willing to spend as many billion rubles and kill as many cosmonauts as necessary to conquer near Earth orbit space. My Colonel accosted me in the hallway afterward and advised me to never mention anything like that again. That day I realized my Army time was limited; I was not even allowed to make a point in a briefing.

    The USSR never gave up on Civil Defense. We did. It is a logical cultural extension – cultural due to what WW 2, “The Great Patriotic War,” did to the Russian psyche.

    Such a massive plan as this, an exercise with 40 million civilians, a civil defense real-time training exercise using “mere citizens” makes complete sense. I was in one of the very last Civil Defense shelters in Miami in 1986. Things were unmaintained, water stale, food way out of date but “on order, really Captain, we’re takin’ care of this” and so few people even knowing of this could-be-adequate shelter underneath a downtown library. I wonder what it is now? Maybe a bunch of router racks for an ISP so Miami’s residents can get their Netflix, email and porn. I’d bet a thousand bucks it is unusable as a civil defense shelter.

    We have fallen behind in so many non-high tech areas. We cannot fix in time, unless we begin today, and “in time” is in 25 years.

    I loved America. I do not know what I live in now.

    —– James Ponder

    • Curtis says:

      I was watching some show on teevee many months ago that actually showed some of those old shelters… and yes IP racks. Or just storage for useless stuff that belongs in a dump. Or just empty and forgotten. They opened a long forgotten one stuffed with early 60’s provisions that was just rot, rusted, and mildewed.

      You hit the nail on the head with the Russian Psyche and the Patriotic War. Russians are Russians, and will always be Russians. They will never be anything else. National pride. Us? We’re the proposition nation. The multi-cult nation. The schizophrenic salad bowl. We went from knowing who we are, to let’s be everybody and everything, and we’ll figure it out as we go along and hope it melds together.

      You probably heard the story of the USS Cole getting temporarily shut down in the Black Sea by the Russians, and everyone poo-poo’ed it. Made fun of the Russians. About 6 months after that, I found a little blurb in a Israeli online paper where Russian jet fighters ran into some Israeli jet fighters in Syria. Basically, the Russians shut them down and politely told the Israeli’s to leave. They did.

      People are to quick to look at the Russians as if they are some back-woods neanderthals still in the stone-age.

      I still remember when the Russians introduced their new T-14(?) Tank in their national military parade and one broke down. Everyone was laughing at the Russians and “their junk”. I was thinking some Tank technician was going to get his ass chewed out.

  3. Never count Russians out. The are industrous and sly as a fox. They are also fatalistic to the core. It today or never, for there may not be a tomorrow.

  4. Carl Jung says:

    The ugly tenants that have ruled the Earth are about to be evicted and they know their time is closing in on them. The final act of defiance is violence against The Righteous. Let it be known that The Creator of Heaven and Earth is ready to introduce Himself and everyone will bow down and worship Him. Revelation 6:16 Isaiah:19 Luke 23:30 Who needs a bunker when Yeshua arrives.

  5. Carl Jung says:

    The ugly tenants that have ruled the Earth are about to be evicted and they know their time is closing in on them. The final act of defiance is violence against The Righteous. Let it be known that The Creator of Heaven and Earth is ready to introduce Himself and everyone and they will bow down and worship Him. Revelation 6:16 Isaiah 2:19 Luke 23:30 Who needs a bunker when Yeshua arrives.

  6. HERES HOW IT IS,and I’am sure the truth of the way it is, will show everyone is in DENIAL,no its not a river in egypt,THE LORD told all the PROPHETS,your government is ROTTEN to the core,inside and out,top to bottom…america sees the truth,they know the government is rotten,except the VERY LOW IQ people,they don’t see anything because they are completely brainwashed,and thats 90% of the population,IN 1965,my DAD who was navy in WW2,told me SON your going to have to fight your police gangs and military some day and I don’t think I’ll live to see it, BUT YOU WILL,..SATAN has taken control of america,and turned it into the most bloodthristy evil nation to ever exist,99.999% of the american people will die soon,and they won’t see it coming till its way to late,the people of amerrica are about to learn what the people in the world have learned ,AMERICANS ARE THE WORSE TERRORISTS the world has ever seen,and they won’t stop till they quite breathing,AND THE REST OF THE WORLD KNOWS IT,you will soon see the nuclear war starting in the middle east,it will spread to america in the blink of your eye,IT wasn’t planned to go that way but it will,the destruction of earth is NOW on the horizon…IF you have any family in Pearl Harbor,you better get them out of there,north korea is going to blow it off the map……

    • Curtis says:

      @TJ – This, my friends, is just another perfect example of what I was talking about. Didn’t even stop to breathe when writing this. And this another thing about the Americanized “Christian” Church… everyone thinks they are a prophet. It’s almost to embarrassing to approve the comment, but here goes… the very low IQ comment.

  7. I loved America, too, James Ponder. How many are there left of us, I wonder.. :/

  8. Hmmm … I’ll just ask the question … why would you even WANT the government to build a shelter for you? Yep–there certainly is a need, but many folks are of the mind that we don’t need no stinkin’ government to provide for our safety … we can take care of ourselves just fine thank you.

    Sure–if you want a massive Civil Defense program again–it will take years to build, it will cost untold billions, and it will be totally messed up and ineffective.

    Personal preparedness has been the way to go for decades. It’s never too late to get it taken care of, you can manage applicable expenditures, it won’t take years to achieve, and it will be done right if you apply common sense and a little specific know-how.

    • Curtis says:

      Maybe the question should also be… Why HASN’T the government maintained civil defense shelters, to actually provide safety for its citizens from a nuclear blast? What many people think, and reality are planets apart. This is one area where government could actually provide a valuable service, but alas, it is not so. Why?

      As for the “we don’t need no stinkin’ government”, everyone gets government. Whether it is local, or national. Whether you like it, or not.

  9. Death, taxes, and government … all sure things. If only government would keep their tentacles out of things they are not equipped to manage (just about everything).

    The decision to abandon the Civil Defense program long ago came about as the result of some cost-benefit analyses. It was deemed more cost effective to spend money missile defense and MAD than Civil Defense bunkers. I suspect that the Apollo moon program and associated missile technologies played a part in those analyses.

    Of course there was also the rise of the politically biased propaganda at about the same time that convinced a lot of people that a nuclear war was unwinnable, unsurvivable, and … well–too terrible to even consider wanting to endure and emerge from after the dust settled.

    If a robust civil defense program had been the original choice to maintain, it certainly would have been costly … and with the regular political changeovers of administrations thru the years, at some point, the budget for that kind of program would have been seen as wasteful and been eliminated.

    To be clear–personally, I wish we had a strong CD program that was part of a patriotic, historically rooted cultural mindset.

    So what it originally boiled down to, and still does–COST and return on investment.

    Some politicos are hellbent on selling out America anyway, so nuclear warfare is totally off their radar.

    So it’s up to each of us to consider the value at a personal level–does it make sense prepare for your own household? If so, to what degree? We need to do our own cost-benefit analyses and go from there. Lots of folks in the US are taking the signals reflecting the state of the world, and the state of our nation, as impetus to decide to invest in their own program of preparedness, even to include household shelters (they don’t have to be outrageously expensive).

  10. Inig Madik says:

    You write with TRUTH, kemosahbee!!!

    Yes… one breeze through ANY AMEREEKAN comment section (be it youtube, twitter, online news articles et al)………. AMERIKANA IS FUKING DUMB!!!!

    The Chinese DF-21D’s/41’s and Russian Kalibr’s will BLOW THEM OUT OF THEIR SAFE SPACES, though!!!

    Here’s a FEW WAKE-THE-FUK-VID’s for em….

    Recent Russia Exercise Vid…

    Chinese Military Training Vid (ALL CHINESE CHILDREN ATTEND MILITARY CAMPs NOW… starting at “8”:)…

    Chinese Recruiting Vid…

    And yea… Russia’s SUPER MISSILES don’t work….

  11. Inig Madik says:

    Why did my last one not post?!

    • Curtis says:

      Somehow found its way in the spam-box. Posted.

      Anyhow, everybody’s Army has had equipment and armaments failures at one time or another. It happens. I’ve seen it when I was in the Army. Hell, I was responsible one time for 2.75 rocket pod not firing. Got my ass chewed out royally for a damn pinched wire underneath the pod skin. Never happened again.

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