40 Million Russians Going To Bunkers During October 4th To October 7th Drills

What about your government? Has your government invested in creating bunkers for its American citizens? You may commence to LYAO now.

I did some checking around, used google translate, and it is all legit. Anyhow, while checking around, I came across a chat-room that grabbed this story, and started reading some of the comments to the story. So, I’ll say this, like I have never said it before: Americans are some of the dumbest, stoo-pidist, ignorant, mother-fuckers on this planet. I won’t go into all the dumb-ass comments but…

Comment 1: They have plenty of ICBMs and SLBMs.

Comment 2: Most of which are woefully out of date and/or in poor repair; and no, their SLBM program might as well be defunct with the recent failures. Nor do they have sufficient money to maintain a nuclear program in the long term.

That is just the icing. I’m not going to comment on this comment, other than to say: If you don’t know how this comment is so woefully out of touch, go look in the mirror and slap yourself silly. The more I blog, the more I read, including comments, the more I realize that there is absolutely no hope for the AmeriKan people and this country. None. Zero. And that includes not only the Clintonites, but also the Trumpites as well.

The vast majority of people in this country do not operate on reality anymore, but on emotion-feel-think.


Between October 4th and October 7th, a massive drill involving 40 million Russian people and about 200,000 professional rescue units will participate in a massive evacuation drill that will be going on all across the country. You can see their story translated at this Google Translator link. Every major Russian city will be involved in these drills.

While ‘evacuating’ 40 million people may only be a ‘drill’, we have to take a look at the massive amount of logistics involved to accomplish such maneuvers before we ask if this is really just a ‘drill’ afterall or something much, much more? – Here.

Follow the links at the source.

Update: I was just briefly reading another chat-room that happened to link to this story (from my blog). One person asked if there was another source to this story besides ANP. Folks… THE SOURCES… are the EMBEDDED links. Also, I realize ANP can sometimes get a little sensationalist in their stories, but I have found over the past couple of years, besides, or despite, their Christian bent sensationalism, to be on target. Beside, ANP is not the story.

As the man said… Think.

And think about that idiot John Kirby – State Department Threatens to Send Islamic Terrorists into Russia Really?

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