Russia-US Relations Deteriorate Sharply

Following last week’s sharp escalation in diplomacy between the US and Russia, when John Kerry warned of not only breaking off diplomatic relations over Syria with Russia, and threatening to use “military force” including potentially US-based ground forces in Syria for the first time, but also slamming Russian strikes over Aleppo as “barbaric”, Russia responded Monday when Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended an agreement with the United States for disposal of weapons-grade plutonium because of “unfriendly” acts by Washington, the Kremlin said.

Russian considers it impossible for the current state of things to last any longer

Let’s get right down to the truth of the matter…


It is that simple. And it is that idiotic. These assholes could care less when their “moderate” Islamic Jihad terrorists are barbarically taking over Syrian cities, terrorizing the Syrian people up to mass executions and chopping off heads, and advancing on Damascus, but anything and anyone getting in the way of that, the SAA, and/or the Russians, becomes our “mortal” enemy.

What more proof do we need that these “moderate” Islamic Jihadists are nothing more than our governments “other” (mercenary) Army to effect its goal of regime change?


Speaking of “barrel” bombs.

An American soldier by proxy.

If you are still sitting on the fence with this (how is that possible?) then I suggest these 2 videos: Here and Here. Note: It will require you to lay aside your flag and dispense with the cognitive dissonance.

Meanwhile, you won’t be seeing this in Syria any time soon. Or Russia.

In other news: War is business, and business is good at #AUSA2016

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