Something Terribly Wrong

And boy… is that an understatement.

While, the USA is not in the midst of a full blown tyranny YET, as in V for Vendetta, the globalists are intent on destroying the last refuge of true freedom and capitalism on this planet, the United States of America. The globalists are attacking our economy, our schools, our churches and our society itself. They have their eyes on the biggest prize of all and they will stop at nothing to have it.

Our military is in tatters and our troops are worn out from 15 years of fighting endless, unwinnable wars. The military’s senior leaders with any bravado are long gone, replaced by politically correct mannequins in Class A uniforms.

We the People are being ridden roughshod over by a global elite intent on stealing our money, raiding our bank and investment accounts and controlling us with a worldwide corporate technocracy.

‘The truth is, there’s something terribly wrong with this country’

Meanwhile, elsewhere in AmeriKa…


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