Hillary Clinton And Pals Arming ISIS? No! Can’t Be!

Lafarge also allowed rebel groups to run other operations and businesses for them, such as their cement industry. In doing so, they funded major portions of ISIS.

So, when Donald Trump says that she is the co-founder of ISIS, he is absolutely correct. WikiLeaks documents prove she sat on the Board that directed millions of dollars to ISIS. What other examples would someone need to prove she help found ISIS?

Hillary has created partnerships with dozens of other terrorist sponsors, too. When she was Secretary of State, a majority of her highest donors came from Muslim countries that fund and sponsor terrorism.

Assange Retaliates Back LAST NIGHT, Releases Entire Partnership Documents From Board

Folks, are you even starting to get the BIG PICTURE here? And we are possibly going to go to war with Russia over all this?

And then we get crap like this…

‘Who does that sound like? Russia?’ he said.

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