More Adventures In Cop-Land

“During the course of the next several minutes, the Deputies on scene conspired to concoct a citable offense against Mr. Sheppard. These law enforcement officials attempted to justify Deputy Plunkett’s actions, ex post facto. Most critically, Deputy Hanson and Deputy Ramirez drafted a citation that was ultimately signed by Deputy Plunkett. Neither Deputy Hanson nor Deputy Ramirez was willing to personally sign the citation, after engaging in a lengthy discussion concerning the contents of said citation. As she was attempting to creatively fashion charges to be brought against Mr. Sheppard within the aforementioned citation, Deputy Hanson stated, ‘please, just let me taser him!’”


Watch that pussy shake with unjustified adrenaline. Oooooh he wanted to shoot him so bad.

And more adventures…

The police did manage to find a bottle of vitamins in Manuel’s pocket, which a field test demonstrated were not illegal drugs.  The police covered up the results of that test and falsely claimed that the pills were ecstasy.  After Manuel was arrested and jailed for possession of drugs, a state police lab once again confirmed that the pills were not ecstasy.  The police, however, did not provide this report to the prosecutor, who brought the case before a Grand Jury and, based on the false testimony of the officers, obtained an indictment against Manuel.

Manuel v. Joliet: Blocking the Courthouse Door to Victims of Police Misconduct

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