Cuckservatives signal their virtue

If you ever wanted to know why I’m not a conservative or a Republican, this craven pandering to women pretty much sums it up. I’m not sickened by Trump’s locker room talk. I’m sickened by the fact that weak little gamma males like Ryan and Erickson have any influence in Western society at all. The only correct response to this “scandal” should have been a single question: “so the fuck what?”

Never trust a moderate, a Churchian, or a cuckservative. Never. They will stab you in the back in order to virtue-signal every single time. Trump made a big mistake in trying to accommodate them and play nice with them rather than treating them with the contempt they deserve.


This is because most of these people never had a manual labor type job like working in construction, a machine shop, or auto shop, where the female anatomy is an ongoing topic. Heck, they’d be shocked ever working as a bar-back listening to the sexual banter of woman. Because women are just so virtuous.

Speaking of which, I can always appreciate a nice well-rounded ass gluteus maximus.


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