Humanitarian Wars

Every time the government opens its mouth, it is lying to you, unless of course, it is telling that… yes, they are going to boot-stomp your face. Then they will boot-stomp your face.

The report said: “Muammar Gaddafi’s actions in February and March 2011 demonstrated an appreciation of the delicate tribal and regional nature of Libya that was absent in UK policymaking. In particular, his forces did not take violent retribution against civilians in towns and cities on the road to Benghazi. [North Africa analyst] Alison Pargeter told us that any such reprisals would have ‘alienated a lot of the tribes in the east of Libya’ on which the Gaddafi regime relied. …

The Forgotten Libyan Lessons and the Syrian War

And so it is in Syria. I’m sure all this Syria and etc. is boring for a lot of people, or think it has nothing to do with their free-dumb, but it interests me, and it most definitely has everything to do with your free-dumb.

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