I’m going to lay it out again…

This is a cut and paste from an e-mail I sent in a response you don’t need to know. I also used it at a blog in a response in a related subject.

The one thing EVERYONE is missing in Syria:

This is the broader plan of the globalists to create a Sunni Arab/Persia Union, with Turkey and/or Saudi Arabia being its head (King). My bet is Turkey, after all, it is a globalist NATO member.

I’d invite everyone to Go0gle “Club of Rome map” – I’ll do it, here: http://timbernard.org/club%20rome%20map.jpg and note region 7. Does region 7 look familiar at all to the 21st Century? Granted, this was laid out in 1972, but all one has to do is just make some 21st Century reality modifications, and it becomes quite clear. Paint Eastern Europe yellow to reflect the globalist gain. Paint Turkey purple to reflect the ongoing conflict. You can even now paint Mexico green.

It’s all right there spitting in our faces. One just has to keep in mind, that the globalist dream is a work in progress. The Club of Rome was/is a work in progress.

What was it Bush Sr. said? AND – WE – WILL – BE {Smirk}. He wasn’t kidding. He wasn’t making a joke. He wasn’t being sly. He was deadly serious. And it wasn’t just a threat, it was a promise. They have the globalist faith of the Mustard seed. These people are true believers. When you wrap your mind around that, it is what we are dealing with. https://youtu.be/oN-flYaXNLQ

There will be a move on Syria. There will be a feint in Eastern Europe. Damascus will be turned into rubble.

Enjoy the ride. You won’t be left untouched. It’s not going to happen tonight. I may not happen next week. But it will happen.





Recently out of Damascus. This came out of a marathon of thousands of people. I have more pics, but overload so…


This could be Anytown USA.


One is Damascus, and don’t make the mistake that every Syrian is a “raghead”, the other is the US Department of State and Department of Defense “moderate” Islamic Jihad for “freedom” terrorist zone.

Meanwhile, merger…


Fucking stoo-pids.

For you biblical types, find a 19th to early 20th century bible with maps in it… then recover from your cold-war propaganda of who and what Gog, of the land of Magog,  and the prince of Rosh,  Meshech, and Tubal are. The Oracle Concerning Damascus  and the Judgment on Damascus, is just the beginning.

I forgot to mention. That map way up there in the link? Israel is nowhere in it. Israel doesn’t exist in the globalist dream. And remember, God will not hold the guilty… guiltless. Figure it out.

And you know what, I am not even going to post what is coming out of Yemen at the hands of our coalition partners Saudi Arabia. It is just bloody disgusting. And of course the Wahhabist/Sunni Saudi’s are part of the globalists idea… they want their Wahhabi/Sunni Caliphate right dab in the middle of region 7.


Whether I get your attention or not, a word to the wise:

Grid Down Hospital – Part I

Grid Down Hospital – Part II: Hygiene & Sanitation

Another Medical Resource

Let’s face it, some of you are going to survive. Don’t make any harder than you have to.

And one more thing. I mentioned this, because that very thought had crossed my mind a few weeks ago since I am a prolific anti-government Twitter’er truth propagandist… LISTEN : You can hear that here. It just verified what was already in the back of my mind. Not to mention a recent ongoing… IP anomaly (((RAYTHEON?!))).

Regime Info Ops

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