Building Relationships

“Until I can determine you’re not the criminal, I act as if you are,” she said. “That’s the only way I can stay safe she said.

Teaching children how to kiss a cops ass… for the cops safety

What this creature means, is that you are a criminal, and will always be a criminal in her mind. Honestly, how do you determine that someone is not a criminal? Because they don’t have a record? Because they don’t have a warrant? How would she know?

Like this. WTF is this?

And when this piece of crap gets the dust, I am to weep, and gyrate my loins in copdom anguish, not only for him, but his family? COP HATER! This is another perfect example of the “Rule of Law”. More on the video here.

The abuse of power by many police officers is very real. And as I have attempted to point out previously, the reason for this sad state of affairs is largely due to the recruitment and training of police officers today.

Remember that when you are on the receiving end of police injustice


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