Psychotic John Kerry Having A Fit

Kerry attacks Russia with phony charges because his other options are so unpalatable. He acts as if attacking a city to win a war has suddenly become a war crime, today, in 2016, in Aleppo. He acts as if it was not a crime for Saudi Arabia to attack Yemen, for NATO to attack Libya and for the U.S. to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. He acts as if the moral designation of acts of war has changed drastically from the time that the U.S. mercilessly bombed Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. This was a mere 45 years ago. Does the turning of a calendar page into the 21st century mean that an act of war that was always in mankind’s arsenal of killing suddenly has become a war crime? If so, then the U.S. stands in the docket too.

Kerry’s Anger as Assad Is Poised To Win

It’s not over… yet.

Nooo… can’t be! We’re exceptionally… evil!

How the US Manipulates Humanitarianism for Imperialism #Aleppo

Blatant Lie: AP “Fact Checks” Directly Contradict AP’s Own Reporting on Syria

This is interesting to the link directly above…


Note the AP Twitter link is unavailable: Oh well, it’s not for lack of trying. Hey, even the CIA/State Dept. dis-info agents mess up once in a while.

Syria Already Controls the Vast Majority of Aleppo

Don’t watch! We don’t really do that!

Al Qaeda? Oopsy.

Ya know, I don’t have the time, or make the time, to put all this together like this. But what I can say, and this goes back a few years ago is, just from my own small amount of reading… and 2+2=4… is, I told you so.

So many people, are so easily led… by their own government, they proclaim to detest. Boggles the mind.


Watch Samantha Power Defend Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria During her Security Council Speech

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