Precipitate a catalytic event

My family originally settled in America from the Blessing in 1635. I have absolutely no use for, or cuddles for, England. And obviously, neither did my forebears. Anyhow…

As the US officially enters the Yemen military campaign, the UK appears ready and willing to precipitate a catalytic event from which there is no going back. With relations between Russia and the West at post-Cold War lows and deteriorating fast, Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots have been given the go-ahead to shoot down Russian military jets when flying missions over Syria and Iraq, if they are endangered by them. The development comes with warnings that the UK and Russia are now “one step closer” to being at war, according to the Sunday Times.

Royal Air Force Pilots Ordered To Shoot Down “Hostile” Russian Jets Over Syria

I mean, it’s not like I am going to shed tears all over the Queens stanky ass, anymore than the asses of Obama, or Bush, or Clinton, or Reagan… if a S-300/400 should shoot down a NATO plane because some dumb-ass hot-shot wants to be fodder for a false-flag… see we told you so event.

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