Here and there…

In and out for a while. I just spent 2 weeks of my back going out again. That is 2 weeks of trying to stay sane. Just as my back gets better, my wife calls me on the way home from work saying her check engine light came on, and her car was running like crap, like a bad misfire. She babied it home. I do the preliminaries and it turns out she has a dead hole in #4. Pull the top off, and find that a rocker on the exhaust side fell out. It took me all day, because of my back, to pull that head, when in the real world, it should have taken 2 1/2 hours. Bent valve too. Figures, after just buying 4 new tires, servicing the transmission, new A/C compressor, and some other minor things 3-4 months ago costing me about 1500$. I think the hydraulic lifter went bad. Anyhow, it’s at the machine shop.

So, you’ll just have to excuse me if I don’t find the time for all this other insanity going on in the world, including our national election circus. BIJDGAF.

And, I can see the ‘”Why you should vote for him/her because lesser evil” posts are going up, again, as it does, every four years. Because… you all voted for the dumbocraps, and here we are. And… you all voted for the repukocraps, and here we are… still. But damn-it… if you just vote for this guy!

WTFE. You ARE NOT… EVER… going to get your country back. EVER. No matter who you elect. But, but, but… it’ll be one degree cooler than hell if you vote for this person! Funny that. Because it keeps getting hotter and hotter no matter who in the fuck you vote for year in and year out. Duh! What planet have you people been on? But this time it’s… different!

My favorite: It’ll buy us time. Which is… how many years after years have we heard that?


It is over. Hillary may start wars in her six months before going into a sanatorium. Trump may build walls. But the rot will go on.

Need a good dose of reverse propaganda?

U.S. vote authorities warned to be alert to Russian hacks faking fraud – officials

No! Really! We didn’t do it! We didn’t hack your election! Why…



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