I can dream…


Sneaking in. How are you enjoying the erection season? You’re not ever getting your freedom back. Ever. This is not to say, by APPEARANCE, that Trump isn’t better than Hillary, but be assured, the Senate and Congress will not give him a free pass like they have Obama the past nearly 8 years.

Anyhow, got the wife’s car running finally this last Saturday. Damn rocker fell out at almost 70 miles an hour on the freeway according to my scantool, valve got sucked down, then pushed back up mending the valve. At least it didn’t punch a hole in the piston, as happened on my Jeep a few years ago. The head was junk, but that is mostly because of crappy work by the dealer techs who did the timing chain TSB on it, before my wife bought it used a few years back. Okay, you want to know… they didn’t torque the cam caps. Some of them were just finger tight. All the cam journals were trashed. So I go to the Pick and Pull, find a 2003 head, without the P/S pump (mounted to the intake camshaft), as there were no 2002’s. It had the mount for the P/S pump, just capped. So, I take the head to the machine shop, have him check it, do a complete valve job on it, and it’s good to go. As I start to put the head on, I think I’d better take the P/S mount cap off, just because it is easier getting off, out of car. Take the cap off and… FUCK! The P/S pump has a hex drive, there should be a hex hole to match the P/S pump in the intake cam. Just a round inset circle. Time for research. What vehicles match up to this vehicles engine? Actually, there are several. So back to the salvage yard. I find a 2004 Cavalier with low mileage, with the P/S, pull the intake cam, measure it, and it is clean. Install on my new renewed head. So I am suppose to have a 300 $$$ tool to insert the timing chain. Screw that. How many times doing engine work have I been told I need special tool 1ABC$$$MADEOFGOLD? 3 marked links.  Position crankshaft. Position intake cam and wrap the marked links to them in their places, take up slack with the intake cam, insert large drill bit cam gear hole to prevent it from rotating back clockwise (close enough). Free float the exhaust cam gear, wrap chain in its marked place, with a 22 MM wrench turn the exhaust cam less than a half inch or so and slide the cam gear into place on the cam. All works out because you have room without bending a valve. With all the links in their place, zip tie the chain to the cam gears, install chain guides, then chain tensioner. The damn thing actually has 2 chains. One inside for the water pump and 2 balance shafts, and then the timing chain. I replaced everything… gears, tensioners (2), and chains.  Replace all the relevant gaskets. It’s all together. Pull the fuel pump fuse, crank it over a few times to prime the oil through the system. Put fuse back in, turn key on and off a few times to prime the fuel rails, turn to start and… what a sweet sound. Not a tick, tap, rattle, or grind. I’ve done hundreds of head jobs, just never did one on a Saturn. No biggy.

And it took me 2 1/2 days just to put it all back together. Impressed, huh? Should have seen me when my L5 and S1 popped when I bent over the car to place the head on the block. Nothing like a oh fuck moment. A damn 6 hour slack job taking me 2 1/2 days.

Anyhow, after a 1,100 $ in the hole, the wife is happy. And that matters.

By the way, you are not ever getting your freedom back, no matter who wins. But don’t worry, you’ll have another 4/8 years to moan your lack of freedumb. And you’re still going to see a military conflict.

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