Breaking News! Donald Trump Has Won The Election! Patriot Breathing Room!




1988 – 2008 – 2012
















And you are so proud of yourselves!


Bunch of frikkin giddy gurls.

A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies

I’ll make it simple. How many will still be there in 4 years?

Alright, I’ll say it. Am I glad Trump won the election? Sure, in as far as Clinton lost. That… is as far as it goes. I remember all you… (I’ll be nice) proclaiming we could all breathe now that Bush won the election. And don’t even get me on Oath Keepers back in the day. Because 100’s got the boot for what I am saying here, and 100’s quit during the purge.

You want to “breathe easier” huh? Ya think?

I have never seen a bunch of self-defeating sorry asses in my life. You learned nothing with Bush. Oh for fucks sake… who am I kidding? Some of you ARE Bush worshipers. 16 years of BushObama. Six…teen…years. And now you’re going to… breathe easier. 99.9 percent of the Trump voters are actually going to go to sleep and… breathe easier. Just like 99.9 percent of the Bush voters… who then proclaimed… oh God… “Miss Bush yet?”… when Obama won the election… who were too stoo-pid to realize that Obama was just an extension of Bush.

But damn-it! Trump is here! We can breathe easier! I swear you people are still virgins. The Powers That Be out-smart you day in, and day out. The severity of your fucking beatings runs in cycles. And you thunk that Trump, being the elected president, makes him the most powerful man on the planet? You think Trump is going to… break the shackles of the Plantation? You THINK they are going to LET Trump break the shackles of the Plantation? But oh boy!!! We can… breathe easier now!

Because…? As long as TP’sTB keep repeating the beatings cycle over, and over, and over… you can keep on training, until the day you can’t and/or die. But don’t you worry, the deliberate dumbing down of America is not going to EVER cease. So, you can have consolation in your posterity? You think… TP’sTB are… losing sleep?

In poli-tics, nothing… happens by accident. Or… for your good fortune.

But you are going to breathe easier.

In other news… I am all in:


I think to many of you equate courage with lack of fear. And that is what I am afraid of. To many of you lack fear. You should fear, if not for yourselves, at least for your posterity. There are actually people who believe that since Clinton was “defeated” in the presidential election, that the P’sTB have been defeated… by their vote for Trump. I see all these posters of Trump dressed up like some King or some conqueror, and it is so far out of the realm of truth and reality. I think the problem is that most people can not grasp the utter evilness of these people. It never sleeps. And it will keep biting, and nibbling, and cutting… until you are at your weakest point… then it will strike. You can count on it. And when it does strike, it will be unimaginable. Seriously, I am not telling you anything, that should already know.

The Trumpites are going to let their guard down… guaranteed. Because they are being LULLED to the slaughter.

Don’t you be one of those.

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