Jill Stein Inducted Into Clinton Foundation Pay To Play?

Just yesterday we noted that Jill Stein was acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton to raise money for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. As we noted then, we continue to be astonished by the amount of money flowing into the fundraising campaign and would love to see which of Hillary’s mega donors have spent the most on the effort…somehow we suspect this isn’t just a “grassroots organizing” effort as Stein described it.

Suckers here


It’s Official: Jill Stein Files Petition For Wisconsin Recount


Has Vladimir Putin got into your head? Are you a Russian “useful idiot”?

Find out if the “signs” fit you here:

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And whatever you do, stay away from this list of known commie sympathizers here:

The List

News Flash Update!

Clintons Confirm Participation In Recount Plan, Despite No “Actionable Evidence Of Hacking”

Who woulda thunk?


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