Rightful Liberty

The next time someone throws the T. Jefferson “Rightful Liberty” quote at you, remind them, that although Andrew Jackson removed the Indians, it was Thomas Jefferson who proposed it, and encouraged it, for their “well-being”.

Given his (Jefferson) principles, Indians had two choices: full assimilation or removal. Encouraging, cajoling, bribing, tricking and pressuring Indians into signing treaties that ceded tribal lands to the United States. Because… native resistance to European-style farming and to land sales.

I get so fucking tired of all the so-called Jefferson experts quoting this and that from the man that they don’t even know. It mostly boils down to, “Oh! What a neat-o quote! I think I’ll use it to make a… point! Because… Jefferson!” It is akin to opening a book, reading a paragraph, closing the book, and saying you know Jefferson.

I could go on, but anyone realize on whose behalf Jefferson was thinking of? Between that “Rightful Liberty” quote, and the American Indian? That “Rightful Liberty” quote, and American slaves?

Anyone know why Jefferson wanted to move the American Indians west while the west was still just territory?

I was always partial to, “She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator of her own.” ~ John Quincy Adams

When you go quoting Thomas Jefferson, ask yourself… What kind of American was Thomas Jefferson?

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