Ruled By Bureaucrats

Why is this necessary when the US Constitution specifically assigns all legislative powers to Congress? Because Congress has increasingly abdicated its lawmaking responsibility, delegating its power through vague laws and mandates to executive agencies, which then impose and enforce the actual regulations that legally bind Americans.

The Bureaucracy Is Now More Powerful Than Congress

Police to use parents, friends, teachers and religious leaders to identify extremists

You’re an EXTREMIST, if you want more police accountability and no police abuse

When you whine law and order, be careful of the law and order they have in mind for you.

Snowflake award

Your white ass 50 year outlook

And let’s face it, if you are white, you are already the minority on this planet. Oh yeah, and they, including those self-hating whites, blame your ass for everything wrong on this planet also. And they hate you.

Round Two: The Left is beginning to hyperventilate

No — the little buggers double down and go for broke!

Gun Control – Because They Dislike You – Nothing More, Nothing Less

The battle being played out in this “heavenly realm” is manifesting itself in this natural world – America is a captured nation.

America Is Committing Suicide

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