Gentle Jesus

WWJD? Have a group-hug and candlelight vigil!

The amusing thing about their philosophical ineptitude is that they don’t realize they are making an overt case for Christian theocracy, the reality of which would of course horrify them because they have absolutely no intention of abiding by anything genuinely Christian at all; this is nothing more than shallow pandering to the worldly zeitgeist using a few inappropriately applied Bible verses as justification.

Churchian theocrats

Oh yeah! And tell everyone He is in solidarity with the pussy.


Negroes in action

Hall said more than the punishment of jail time he really wants the opportunity to sit down and talk with his attackers to try and understand why they did what they did.

He wants to understand. He wants to get in touch with their feelings.


Does the DHS TSA give you the molested blues? No problem, there is an app for that!


Airports Now Offering Pigs in Ballerina Tutus Playing Toy Pianos for “Therapy”

#PizzaGate has a message for you:

Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime


Speaking of fake news.

More Law Enforcement Tools

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