The truth? Most of America can’t handle the truth.

Just listen to what he is saying.

Speaking of White Genocide:

It’s bad enough to get unknowingly cucked by your wife. It’s worse to willingly acquiesce to your cuckoldry. It’s beyond our mortal comprehension to self-cuck so hard you sign a pact with your wife to have her implanted with three black embryos which she carries to term and births into your waiting arms, a dumb open-mouthed grin plastering your face.


manginaparadeGoodbye, America (in a photo)

Race and religion

Following paid for by: Putin KGB Inc. – Russian Trolls Co. – Pussy Riot Fdn.

Mass surveillance exposed by Snowden is about control, not counterterrorism

In related news:

Self-proclaimed ‘Hack’ Journalist Calls on Social Media to Censor ‘fake news’

The PUSSY generation:

Virginia Tech Snowflakes Unveil Definitive List Of Top 50 Microaggressions That Offend Them

‘No! Don’t Touch Me!’ – Diversity is White strength

The War On Guns

Raising Kids

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