Want to know how out of touch union leaders, unionists, and their union hanger-ons are? These are the same people who repeatedly fall for, and vote for, the globalist self-proclaimed pro-union politicians, who repeatedly vote for, and implement, pro-globalist “free trade” deals that incentivizes companies to move overseas and costing American jobs. And when Donald Trump attempts to keep companies from taking advantage of the globalist “free trade” deals and moving overseas, however imperfect, the pro-globalist voting unionists have a hissy-fit and call on the same GLOBALIST POLITICIANS to save them.

Just absolutely mind-boggling pathetic!

Which is it going to be:

Union workers of the world unite for globalism?


Union workers of America unite against globalism?

Just look at all this self-defeating hysterical Groupthink.


Meanwhile… Breaking News!



BITTER HILLARY BLAMES ‘FAKE NEWS’… calling it an “epidemic” that Congress should take action against

But, but, but… NSA head says Russia hacked election! Says the Hillary-Bots.

Meanwhile: NSA Chief Doesn’t Believe DNC Hack Influenced Election


“The idea that that the Russians were sophisticated enough to hack an email account and then stupid enough to leave meta data in place that implicates them (or any other breadcrumbs) is beyond ludicrous. Thinking that Wikileaks isn’t sophisticated enough to scrub the data is even further beyond the pale of reason.”


“The media love the Russian angle because it makes another story of carelessness, into something that is more exciting. It is possible that hack came from some individual(s) in Russia, but unlikely that some state sponsored hacking attack would be so sloppy.”

Father and daughter duo.

Katie McKinley

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