Lib-Tards, Gamma-Males, and Fem-Skanks are the new Neo-Cons

More War.

US Accuses Vladimir Putin Of “Personal Involvement” In Election Hack


The Conspiracy To Shut Down Truth, Donald Trump, & The American People

Ya know, I never thought I would see the day when Americans would be as so DUMBED DOWNED as they are today.


Now yesterday Aleppo was trending. The usual Anti-Syria-Russia-Assad crap. See, Russia and Assad were not liberating Aleppo from OUR “moderate” Jihad 4 “freedom” terrorists. They were committing mass atrocities against the civilians trapped, by Russia and SAA, and accused by the likes of this piece of work (shit) U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power:


And boy! How were all the snow-flake millennial’s all emotionally worked up. Assad! War criminal! Putin! War criminal! We have to DO something! I live in a country full of a bunch of uneducated TWITS. And you know what? FUCK their “freedom”.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America

I don’t feel sorry for these uneducated TWITS one bit. I disdain them. Every single one of them. I could put pages and pages right here destroying all these TWITS. And if I can do it, with a little bit of search for the TRUTH, so can all those uneducated filthy TWITS. But they won’t. The only thing their brains can run on, is EMOTIONS. The FEELZ. Just give them something to TRIGGER those EMOTIONS and FEELZ is what they live for… the TRUTH be damned to hell.

And don’t forget what you are seeing played out here:

U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans

Now in conjunction with:

Senate Quietly Passes The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act”

DO NOT feel sorry for these people.

This is what they are…


Trust your government

And never mind that…

20160819-109509704But then, I could go on, and on, and on… and on.

And they don’t care. They are mentally, and spiritually… diseased.

And State Dept. John Kirby, like his buddy Mark Toner, whose sole purpose is to lie, spin, and obfuscate.

“You Haven’t Succeeded Once”

And it’s Russia’s fault!




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