Now, if your daddy is a Gamma-Male, and your mommy a Fem-Skank, go slap them upside the head. And your school teachers. Okay, okay… at least look at them cross-eyed. And when they ask about the cross-eye, tell them they are snowflakes, and you are not going to be a snowflake just like them.

Ancient Documents
4000bce – 399

Medieval Documents
400 – 1399

15th Century Documents
1400 – 1499

16th Century Documents
1500 – 1599

17th Century Documents
1600 – 1699

18th Century Documents
1700 – 1799

19th Century Documents
1800 – 1899

20th Century Documents
1900 – 1999


If you happen to read any of the above, try to do it without the feelz. Or saying to your self… that’s yucky! Or, I don’t like what it is saying! Or, it makes me uncomfortable! Try to put something into your head besides the feelz and snowflakes.

I hate to tell you this, but we are all going to die. But if you are a generation snowflake, you’re going to die a lot sooner when TSHTF.  And one day, it will TSHTF. Especially for you younger snowflakes. Don’t be a snowflake.


Use your brain.

By the way, there is no such thing as Unicorns that fart happy rainbows and everyone lives happily ever-after..

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