Aggravated assault on a public servant

If anything, Collie looked as if he were pointing in front of him, maybe pointing to his apartment to justify why he would be in the area. The video contains no audio, so it’s not clear if that was deliberately removed or it just didn’t record audio, which would defeat the purpose of having the dash cam.

And although police acknowledged he was not the robbery suspect, Fort Worth police charged him with aggravated assault on a public servant to justify shooting him.

WATCH: Texas Cop Shoots Man in Back, Falsely Claiming his Life was in Danger

Now note that a grand jury chose not to indict him based on the video. Who else saw this video before it went to the grand jury? You can bet that the Police Chief did, along with his administrative assistants. You can bet the internal investigators saw this video. How many cops saw this video, AND STILL tried to justify this shooting, AND STILL charge the man shot with aggravated assault on cop.

They did everything in their power in a HOPE that it would be justified, even when the video speaks for itself. That it would stick, when there is no justification for anything to stick. They already unjustly paralyzed the man and kept on going with A LIE.

How many “good cops” are there involved with this from the shooting, to the grand jury?

How many “good cops” throughout these United States would have, and have, done the same?

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