More Po-Lice Stupidity

A 5-year-old in Berwick, Pennsylvania, woke his dad up on early a Saturday morning and said it was time to go to school. Daddy told him no, hon, it’s Saturday—no school!—and went back to sleep.

Now the dad, Jeffry Wagner, is facing child endangerment charges. Unbeknownst to him, his son continued to get ready for school and ventured out into the chilly day to make his way to the bus stop.

Dad arrested for Child Endangerment

At most, a cop back in my day would have asked the kid what he was doing, probably laugh, put the kid in the squad car, take him home, talk to the dad, say something lake, “He sure had motivation”, and that, would have been it.

But, but… the law! Yeah. I know. All it means is that there are no laws that cops will not enforce. No matter how draconian. If Hitler, or Mao, or Stalin rose today in America, cops would obey the… law. You going to call me a liar? Read your 2nd amendment, now break any number of the “gun laws” – State and/or Federal – in America today, in front of a cop, and see what happens.

But, but… the law!


Who wakes up one morning and says I want to strap a gun on and control people?


But, but… he walked a little old lady across the street yesterday!

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