U.S. “Intelligence”: Russians Caught Celebrating Trump Win!

Russians caught celebrating Trump win, surprised Clinton lost!

China furious Clinton lost… CIA “intelligence” to investigate!

The ebullient reaction among high-ranking Russian officials — including some who U.S. officials believe had knowledge of the country’s cyber campaign to interfere in the U.S. election — contributed to the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Moscow’s efforts were aimed at least in part at helping Trump win the White House.

Unprecedented intelligence report

U.S. officials declined to say whether the intercepted communications were cited in the classified version of the report commissioned by Obama, and they emphasized that although the messages were seen as strong indicators of Moscow’s intent and clear preference for Trump, they were not regarded as conclusive evidence of Russian intelligence agencies’ efforts to achieve that outcome.

You can read the rest, and read it carefully. Ya know, in “high confidence”.

Remember, these are the SAME people who claimed “high confidence” that Russia was poised to blitzkrieg through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, to Poland. So what did Russia do? It sat there, FOR MONTHS, and let US-NATO move in preemptively, on a massive scale with heavy and light armor, artillery, land/sea/air based missiles, combat aircraft, and etc., with massive live-fire exercises, to buffer Russia’s alleged, any day now, blitzkrieg. Think about that.

Then we have this…

In his opening statement, Sen.Jack Reed of Rhode Island, the committee’s ranking Democrat, said Russian hacking is typically tough to detect, but this attack had a very easily identifiable signature. He suggested Putin wanted the U.S. to know about the hacking while preserving plausible deniability.

Sure. Putin wanted to thump his chest and say neener-neener… while preserving plausible deniability, at our “intelligence” agencies. And… The report will also include a motivation for Putin’s actions, Clapper told lawmakers. I’m assuming they, Russia, wanted Trump to win, and were surprised Clinton lost? How dare another country prefer one presidential candidate over the other! Will we be investigating China for preferring Clinton?

You can read the rest here:

DNI Chief Clapper Takes Swipe at Trump, Assange as He Defends Russia Hack Intel

If you read these, and can’t see the massive propaganda in it, you’ll believe anything.

McCain said the purpose of reviewing Russia’s involvement in election hacking is not to call into question the outcome of the presidential election. However, such a review, he said, is vital and necessary to democracy and free and fair elections.

And let’s never forget, or lose sight of this. All those Clinton e-mails showed us the depth of the depravity she and her fellow spirit cooking hanger-ons are capable of. And despite this, everyone should know damn well, that this mentally unstable McCain, and his fellow neo-cons, would have rather had Hillary Clinton as president, despite his pathetic disclaimer… for free and fair elections.

How pathetic. And the feelz crowd will fall for it because they are mentally incapable of parsing through the B.S.


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