Harris County Texas Meth Bust Of The Year – 3 Days In Jail For Half Pound Of Kitty Litter

Ross LeBeau, of Houston, was recently cleared of drug charges after he was arrested for possession of Methamphetamine. It turns out that LeBeau was actually in possession of kitty litter, not meth. However, this made no difference to the cops who kidnapped and caged him for it.

Considering that there was nearly a half pound of the substance in his vehicle, the police thought that they had conducted the bust of the century. They even put out a press release with LeBeau’s mugshot to brag about the bust, after two faulty field tests determined that the substance was crystal meth. While LeBeau spent 3 days in jail, the kitty litter was sent to a forensics lab for further testing, and it was ultimately discovered that the substance was not meth.

But WTF? When you are a hammer, and everything else is a nail.

No. This isn’t a “mistake”. It’s frikkin retardom. It’s the LOW IQ shit that passes off as cops.


It’s JUST poor training!

In November 2014, Leadholm’s blood sugar began to drop causing him to swerve while driving. This swerving caught the attention of five of Commerce City’s finest who pulled Leadholm over. However, instead of simply talking to the man and asking him what was going on, they yanked him from the car and began assaulting the innocent diabetic.

Leadholm would spend several days in the hospital as a result of his injuries only to find out he’d been charged with resisting arrest and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. All charges would later be dropped.

Cops Mistake Man’s Diabetic Episode as ‘Resisting’ — Beat, Taser, Mace and Arrest Him

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