White People! Do You Have Your ‘Individual Reparations Account’?

White brutha’s and Sista’s! Let your WHITE PRIVILEGE speak!

Dyson makes clear that he regards much of white America as a pernicious force. “We can do nothing to make our tormentors stop their evil,” Dyson laments to the Almighty. “How can we possibly combat the blindness of white men and women who are so deeply invested in their own privilege that they cannot afford to see how much we suffer?”

I have a few words to say about this…

Fuck off and die.

You know how many times I have been burned giving a “black brutha” or a “black sista” a few bucks, only to watch them buy a bottle, and then hop into a nice Cadillac of various flavors, while I’m driving a 91 Ford PU? No more.

I’m not wont to call a black man a nigger. But I know a NIGGER when I see one.


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