CIA: The Globalists Mafia

What is less well known is the CIA is engaged in tipping the balance in the domestic as well as international contests. That’s why it’s secret, and why all the corporate privateers protect it. They share the same business ideology. CIA officers, PR people, journalists, politicians, and academics who get paid to give “expert” testimony on Fox or MSNBC, are knowingly manipulating social and political movements here in the US, just like they do for the Ukrainian opposition or the Venezuelan opposition.

The CIA as Organized Crime

More CIA:

RT was the first global news channel to get a billion views on Youtube, already in 2013. It is blindingly obvious, therefore, that Russia hacked every Youtube user, because it is not blindingly obvious how else this many peeps could be gorging themselves on Russian propaganda without at least the benefit of horseradish and mustard. These facts are indisputable.

An Open Letter to the CIA from the Head of RT

More CIA:

Apart from the nonsense about foreign broadcasters being part of a conspiracy to “disparage our system” and destroy our democracy, I confess that I was willing to be convinced by what seemed to be the near-unanimous intelligence and law enforcement agency verdict but, any such expectations disappeared when the 17 page report on the hack was actually released on Friday. Entitled Declassified Intelligence Community Assessment of Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections, the report is an exercise in speculation minus evidence indicting alleged Russian interference in the recent election. It even came with a significant caveat, “Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact.”

Washington Invented Hacking and Interfering in Elections

More CIA:

In the past at LRC, I have posted articles in blogs on Culture, Art, Media and the CIA. Here are two more articles in that vein: THE CIA & THE MEDIA: 50 FACTS THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW, and Hijack: The CIA and Literary Culture. Why after reading this seventy year history of duplicity, deception, lying, and disinformation would anyone believe anything anyone connected to the Central Intelligence Agency would say on anything?

CIA, Culture, and the Media

More CIA:

The CIA chief recently slammed Russia’s anti-terrorism efforts in Syria as a “scorched-earth policy” far from “something that the United States would ever do.”

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov last week said that the operation does indeed differ from the actions of the US coalition, which are focused on “methodically and steadily destroying Syrian economic infrastructure.”

The CIA doesn’t meddle in other countries

And more CIA:

Judge Napolitano on Lou Dobbs: New FBI-Hillary Email Info

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