But Sleeping Is Comfy! Besides… Republicans!

The Donald was elected. As the cycle goes, the Patriots are slowly going from burgeoning revolutionaries and restorationists of the Original Constitutional Order to defenders of the new regime and falling back asleep because their team is at the helm. This happens every time a new CEO takes over the Racket in Mordor.

Y’all know it’s true. Remember when we went from B. Clinton, to G. Bush Jr.? Sure you do. Everyone went to sleep…

We’re saved! The glory days are here again! Republicans! Republicans! Republicans!

I still remember, before I, and many other rebel-rousers getting kicked out of OK’ers by the Green Beanie, asking everyone, who were fawning all over G. Bush Jr. and lamenting the Barack Hussein Obama presidential win, “Where were you all when Bush was creating a massive National Security State?” But, but, but… Obama! And… Bush was a republican! And… 911!


Defeating Doomsday Derp: Part Deux by John MeyersPart I here


CIA = Gossipers And Liars


Trenches, Human Nature, and Numbers, by Robert Gore


It hasn’t even begun yet

H/T and more at: Western Rifle Shooters Association With the caption: Media people cannot take casualties. Noted.

And, let’s move on to here:

Gen. Mattis: “Russia Is The Principal Threat To US Security”

I’m going to hold my reservations on this. It is true, that Russia has the ability to be a principal threat to America. It doesn’t mean that Russia IS a threat to America. I am hoping that Mattis is just playing the hearing committee, telling them what they, the globalist neo-con war-war mongers and front men for the Military Industrial Complex, want to hear… because, ya know: defense of Europe against Russian aggression and the regional arms race in lock step with Russia in preparation for war (See comments). And of course Russia is ramping up their military capabilities, they’d be stupid not too, considering they are moving their country closer and closer to USNATO’s borders. Anyhow, we’ll see if Mattis is sane, or globalist.

Just because NATO wants peace you see

The list of foreign governments overthrown by the USA and CIA is massive

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