A well known pastor is visited three times by NSA agents. What is described in detail here would frighten the daylights out of most people, but he stood his ground. They provided him with a list of some of the names of alternative media personalities they are watching. They also informed him of nine ways they could get rid of him and/or send him a message that they aren’t happy with what he is doing online. There is so much more! Please watch the feature video and share.

Isn’t it great to know our federal government pays people to monitor, harass, intimidate, threaten, silence, and even murder anyone who speaks the truth?

Why would the NSA divulge all of these facts to Pastor Begley, including sharing part of their watch list? I don’t believe this was a rogue agent trying to help Pastor Begley, but one who was following orders to get the word out. They want Pastor Begley to spread the word about their activities. They want all of us to be afraid, very afraid. It is a bully tactic, an attempt to intimidate us in order to manipulate us. Fear has always been Satan’s weapon of choice because he doesn’t have much else. It will likely be effective against lukewarm fence sitting Christians, but those who are all in will not be intimidated. A line of separation is being drawn.

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