The Intelligence Machine

PROBLEM: Trump vs. The US Intelligence Machine

Remember The Purge! CIA Head John Brennan Purged All Mention Of Islamic Jihad From Law Enforcement Training Manuals In 2011

It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies

Anti-Trump protesters caught on camera planning acid attack


Group Plans To Shut Down DC Bridges And Highways With “Clusterfuck Blockades”

Report: Terrorists, cartels plan border attack for inauguration

The international order

When you think Ukraine, think USNATO/Intel bitches

Liberal Preppers Ready for Trumpocalypse: “Tired Of Being Seen As Wusses Who Won’t Survive SHTF”

You’ve got to read this article to believe it….. bug out bags for his cats….. vegan survival meals….. I’m not fucking kidding.

This, my friends, is mass mind control we are observing in real-time

Fed Bank = Intel Agencies – Trump (The set-up?)

Everything your government does, it does to complete the globalist agenda. That is the default mode that your government operates on. Nothing has changed.

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